The decision to publish Jordan Peterson’s new book provokes the awakened employees at Penguin Random House and causes the staff to wake up crying at the meeting.


The publication of a new book by Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, a “professor against political correctness”, has received dozens of complaints from his publisher staff in Canada, according to a report.

Weiss told the story on Tuesday of an order that goes beyond Peterson’s impending order: 12 more rules for his life, 12 rules for his global bestseller, 12 of which have persuaded some of the staff at Penguin Random House Canada (PRH Canada) to face management. That.  Peterson’s views on issues including transgender sexual rights, gender and race, are controversial. The University of Cambridge last year refused to grant Peterson membership due to criticism from faculty and students. Following the terrorist attack on a mosque in Christchurch in 2019 due to links between Peterson’s fans and Islamophobia, 12 rules for life were temporarily removed from the sale of a New Zealand book series.

Jordan Peterson: ‘The pursuit of happiness is a meaningless pursuit.’

At a PRH Canada city council meeting on Monday, one employee told Weiss that “people were crying and mourning how Jordan Peterson had affected their lives.” The PRH Canada Diversity and Admissions Committee has received at least 70 anonymous messages from staff about Peterson’s book, with only a “couple” in favour of deciding to publish it.

In response, PRH Canada told Wise that the forum was held “immediately” after the announcement of plans to publish the order beyond, “allowing our employees to express their views and provide feedback.”

The spokesperson said: “Our employees have started an anonymous feedback channel and we fully support it. We are open to hearing feedback from our employees and answering all their questions. We are committed to expressing different voices and perspectives.”

Peterson’s daughter Mihaila tweeted a link to the article. How to Improve Business in 2 Steps:

Step 1: Identity crying adults. Step 2: Fire,” she wrote. “If you do not think it’s a problem for adults to want to go to work, you obviously will not be in charge of many people.”

Peterson’s Beyond Order, due out in March, promises “12 more life-saving principles to counteract the inevitably exhausting number of people who want to order the world.”

“At a time when human beings are increasingly influencing every aspect of our lives – from our social structures to our emotional states – Peterson warns that too much security is dangerous.” “Also, he presents strategies for overcoming the cultural, scientific, and psychological forces that cause us to be prone to cruelty, and teaches us how to rely on our instincts to find meaning and purpose. .”

The Guardian understands that no staff at the UK PRH has complained about Peterson’s decision to re-publish.

Protests in Canada over Peterson’s book have sparked protests by Hatchett’s decision to drop Woody Allen’s memoirs after a staff walk. K. Ideas on Transgender Sexual Rights.