What is the Law?


Are rules for everything.Rules made by the government with each other and to providea way to resolve disagreements in an orderly way.This video will help where it comes from,and where you can find it.There are state laws, federal laws and local laws.Some areas of law are governed stocks and bankruptcy.There are state and federal laws by courts interpretingstatutes and regulations.Laws must not violate the Maryland Constitutionor the United States Constitution.Statutes are organized by subject in the Maryland Code.Each subject is arranged in its own Article.Articles include topics like:Labor and Employment, Criminal Law and Family Law.There are about three dozen Articles in the Maryland Code.Each Article is broken into and West which can be foundin any public law library.It is also available for a fee on databasescalled Westlaw and Lexis.You may access these databases at a public law library.There is also a reliable free set on the internet.You can access the county on “Gateway to Maryland Law.”Regulations are usually much look like, who reviewsand approves it, and how someone can get help if hisor her application is denied.Maryland regulations are printed in a publication called COMAR,which stands for Code in print at a law libraryor on the internet.There is a full copy their decisionsin papers called “opinions.”Most written opinions from the Court of Appeals and Courtof Special Appeals are website at mdcourts.govand on Google Scholar.You can also search like Lexis and Westlaw.Finally, it’s a good idea to check to see if any countyor municipal laws apply is made up of statutes,regulations and case law.These materials can be found for free in a law libraryor on the internet.If you are looking to make sure the law you findis current before of law librariesthat are open to the public.To find a law library visiting in person.