TANGALLE 195 KM (121 Miles) From Colombo


Are you looking for the perfect city to be in while being in Sri lanka? Are you looking for a place with the perfect beach? And tourist attractions? A simple answer is this big town in Sri Lanka, Tangalle.Tangalle is a huge town with beautiful attractions and breathtaking views. Tangalle is filled with attractive places and sandy beaches. Just everything you are looking for, Tangalle is fulfilling all the requirements.One of the main reasons of its hype and popularity is its alluring beaches which never fail to capture ones attention. It has rough, strong waves and creates such an impact on a person’s mind that they are just rejoiced. It’s beaches are Sri Lanka’s reply to ‘’heaven’’. The ocean stretches as far as one’s eyes can manage to see. Isn’t that just delightful? What a perfect way to beat the summer heat with some fresh water. The beaches in Tangalle have a harmonized environment and the sunsets are a must see! The beaches have hotels built as well.
People all around the world come to witness the beauty of the beaches that Sri Lanka holds in it.

Tourist Attractions in Tangalle

Tangalle has alot of places one can boast about. It’s beautiful zoo that capture the imagine of wildlife so accurately that one can just not forget. Obviously, the flawless beaches and historic places Tangalle is so full of these things.
Tangalle never fails to surprise its visitors, it never does. It is just so full of life and happiness one surely doesnt want to return back home.