MIRISSA 154 KM (95 Miles) From Colombo


Mirissa is a small heaven located in the South Coast of Sri Lanka, only about 200km away from the Equator. The small town is ever-famous for it’s natural beaches which are mostly untouched by any man-made modernization, which makes it well-loved and very sought after when it comes to holidays and vacations, even—honeymoons.Mirissa’s sandy beaches gives life to your fantasies of a tropical heaven, the secluded crescent shaped beach is like a reclusive hidden Island that is a hideaway for many. The town’s sunsets and sunrises are said to be one of the finest ever, the peace that surrounds people spending time in the hotels set aback from the actual beach is quiet unmeasured. The gentle waves of the ocean crashing and building into a crescendo, coconuts falling and birds chirping. Mirissa is a tourist heaven and must not be missed!

Mirissa Beach

The sandy beach with it’s golden sand and undeniably warming atmosphere with chilled breezes, the perfect combination of hot and cold is a travel location that’s the envy of many countries. The beach offers the peace you can’t find elsewhere, the hotels provide the customers with everything that they require; even with many people occupying the beach, the noise and rush is minimum.

Surfing at Mirissa

Mirissa’s Bay Surf point is famous for smooth surfing; you can surf with no inhibitions and enjoy a carefree ride through the ocean, experiencing it on a level that would be unforgettable for the many years to come.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Sri Lanka’s Navy Passenger Craft called ‘Princess of Lanka’ was launched in 2011 and since then has been a vessel for people who want to enjoy a profound activity such as Whale Watching. A person has a firsthand experiences watching the humongous creatures wriggle about and float underwater, the scene is truly enrapturing. The dolphins are extremely friendly as well, giving people a show of a lifetime. Their packages are reasonable and would suit a average person nicely. The Whale Watching activity is famous among avid tourists.