LITTLE ADAM’S PEAK 208 KM (129 Miles) From Colombo


Ella in Sri Lanka is a very well known worldwide for it’s breathtaking view and scenery, Little Adam’s Peak is just one of it. The eye catching, jaw dropping and conspicuous peak is the one not to miss, Situated in Ella, Sri Lanka, it has been attracting tourists for a long time now. The reason for its popularity is the amazing view that never fails to attract and impress the visitors.


It may be a long journey, but it helps the travellers interact with nature in a different way. Little Adam’s Peak is visited mainly because of the great hiking experience it gives to its climbers. It never falls short of beauty. It is filled with greenery and beautiful trees and plants. Resorts and hotels have been built to serve the climbers that may be tired after the long walk. The walk may be long, but once one reaches the top, it is just worth the struggle. The path is straight making the walk less complicated.

Beautiful Mountain View

After the walk is over, the visitors witness the great view from the top of the mountain. It gives a perfect and clear view of the city of Ella. The view looks even more amazing when the clouds start to roll in. Good weather is a cherry on the top to the view. The sunsets are not to be missed. The blazing and crimson sunsets are a treat to watch.

Little Adams peak at Ella has received positive reviews and that is because it never fails the tourists and visitors. It is highly recommended to people who plan to explore and witness the wonders of Sri Lanka.