KUMANA 391 KM (242 Miles) From Colombo


Fostering within it a combination of wild-life that’s not only beautiful but an opener for a common man to the wonderful beauty of this world, Sri Lanka is a country known to many but it’s hidden gems it’s places who lock within themselves the rhymes of beauty and God’s exquisite nature.
Sri Lanka is not only a beautiful place but is rich with history that dates back to many centuries. Every city has it’s specialty and offers a person many activities that they wouldn’t have dreamed of doing otherwise.
Golden sandy beaches, tropical heavens, mountains that touch the sky, a landscape to steal your breath, rainforests and the wildlife that it’s the habitat. Sri Lanka is heaven on Earth.

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park, a favourite outing spot for the country’s residents is located at the south eastern corner of Sri Lanka. One of their most prominent features would be the bird sanctuary and their wide swamp lake, which gives it all the vibe of a safari park. It is home to some famous mammals the likes of elephants, leopards and deers etc. It’s said that some rare birds were spotted in the lake and tourists rushed to witness their existence at once.

Flora & Fauna

Sri Lanka displays the rhyme of wilderness with it’s naturally run system. Animals are left untouched to wander in their natural habitats, to offer them security and safety. Travellers speak of the rare plants they discover in Sri Lankan forests. Combining everything the country’s Flora and Fauna are one of nature’s true gifts.