10 Funny Pictures of Animals Maintaining Social Distance


The current situation in the world created so many sudden changes in our daily lives, starting from our attire to the way we stand. While we are advised to stay inside our houses as much as we can, the moment we are allowed outside, we need to maintain distance. This is a precaution we need to consider seriously, in order to protect both ourselves as well as our loved ones from the coronavirus. Sadly, there were reported a lot of incidents where people were selfish and careless enough to not give a damn about the health guidelines issued by WHO (World Health Organization). People do not seem to learn from even publicly shaming such people. In such a situation where a group of selfish people are making a fool out of them, some animals from several parts of the world were seen following social distancing guidelines. These pictures were shared on social media and went viral because, look how serious they are about maintaining social distance!

A quick tip before you get to enjoy those funny pictures.

COVID19 is mainly spread through the little water droplets you release to the environment when an infected person talks, sneezes and coughs. This is the reason why guidelines have been issued requesting people to keep a minimum of one meter distance between any one else. If you don’t, you’ll end up breathing in those droplets or those droplets will get on to your clothes and other body surfaces which you’ll help get inside your body as you touch your face / mouth etc.

Now, let’s have a good laugh scrolling through these pictures of animals maintaining social distance. Once you’re done, share this so that we can hope people will learn at least from these animals!
1 In Wynyard


3. Even cats get it!

4  In Poland

5. In Japan

6 Good cat!

7 Seagulls too!

8 A good boi

9 Cat, again!

10 Another good boi