Mesothelioma Compensation


Often one of the first things our clients want to know is how they’re going to get compensated andhow long it will take to receive itif you have mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancerthere are two basic avenues we can pursue. We’ll work very quickly to get yousome of the moneypossibly as soon as 60 to 90 days so you can pay your medical bills get thetreatment you need or get some help around the house we want you to betaking care of what we go through this process together and ideally recoversignificantly more money for you and The two basic avenues forcompensation are civil litigation and asbestos bankruptcy trusts now civillitigation is a lawsuit filed in court where we sue the asbestos companies thatare still in businessmany of these are multi billion-dollar multinational companies listed on WallStreet or they’re insured by billionaires like Warren Buffett few ofthese companies want to accept responsibility for your asbestosexposure but some of them will own up to it and may not fight very hardsome companies may settle right away with little more than an affidavitsimply a Stein statement of your exposure to their asbestos containingproducts some will want a deposition before they settle with you which meanswe’ll need to meet and talk get you prepared to give sworn testimonyand of course some of these asbestos defendants may not give up so easily andthey may threaten to take the case to trial after a couple of recentmultimillion-dollar verdicts they know we’ll be ready for them in the endwhether the defendant settle or hold out for trial we have recovered .

Compensation for our clients in nearly every case that we’ve ever filed so that’s thefirst way of getting you compensating the second way is bankruptcy asbestostrusts these are trust funds created by asbestos companies after they filed forbankruptcy protection as a result they required to put money into a trust fundto pay the people that they poisoned depending on which bankruptcy trust youmay qualify for we’ll need to get various pieces of information to helpdemonstrate that you were exposed to asbestos by that companysome may require an affidavit while others have approved worksites they’llneed your basic information such as your age and work history and of coursethey’ll require medical records and a arguably have already owned up to theirliabilities it’s a matter of navigating the oftentimes difficult and hypertechnical requirements the Trust’s to get our clients the compensation theydeservestill they want to pay out as little as will just accept the standard payouts ofthe trust funds offer not us we know how much money is available and we know howto overcome their objections and we know everything that needs to be done torecover the highest bankruptcy trust fund payments for our clients.You may have been exposed to asbestos from multiple job sites from multiple companies and innearly all cases we can get you compensated both ways through civillitigation and bankruptcy trusts.Call us to let us help you and your family begin to recover the compensation you deserve.