CDB stars shine at Indian Masters Athletic Meet with 10 medals


In amazing feats in track and field, three sports stars in the Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) team returned from India laden with an unprecedented 10 medals for their sporting prowess at the Indian Masters Athletic Meet 2019 held in India.

Nadeeka Perera did Sri Lanka proud when she notched the highest number of six medals at the meet, with three golds, a silver and two bronze medals. She competed in the over 30 category in the 200m, 100m hurdles, 400m relay, 100m relay and 100m track events and triple jump field event.

Held from 1 to 3 February in India, CDB’s Chathura Wekadapola also competed in the over 30 category, while J.F. Miranda competed in the over 50 to 55 category. Chathura won a silver for the 100m and bronze in the 200m track events, while Miranda won a silver for long jump and bronze for the 100m.