Does the Little Daughter Get Bigger?


Patient psychological changes occur with puberty: Your child, who is in love with you, has approached the age of puberty. Perhaps he or she is now more distant from you. During this transition, there is plenty of physical and mental changes in their physical state. So, as parents, they will be able to cope successfully with their emotional differences as well. They always seem to be trying to diverge from their parents, but their parents’ mental affection is the most important time.
If your adolescent passes well this time, he will surely face life as an adult.

* Selfish self-respect and lack of self-esteem

At this age, each child grows bigger on their genetic factors. For example, friends in class may have breast cancer, but your daughter’s breast may be small. They often compare with skin color, lower secondary symptoms, height, and appearance. Most of them are not satisfied with their bodies. As a result of such shame, sometimes it is possible to get rid of academic activities and to get rid of anger. It is very important for you to respond with adult deliberation.
If we become angry with the idols, their future will be dark. Instead, you can cordially explain the child’s problems.
“Ammi’s big boy is late. But later, it was just that it was very good … but not fast, but you’ll be full of the next few years. It’s simple enough to explain it.
In a South Asian country like Ceylon, it’s the color of their skin that is quite unattractive in this age. So they can ask for different coats. If you are cordially clear of these things, you can solve problems so that you do not have any pressure. The most important thing is you should remember that they are even smaller.


The size of the hormones that develop into the brain is so great that they always act impulsively. Curiosity, anger, hatred and depression can change their emotions. During puberty, the inability to control the emotions can tend to create relationships with destructive individuals, engage in hazardous activities. As your parents, it is your duty not to respond responsibly to their emotions.

* Build up his own self

Your child, who is ready to do the same thing, now sees that he or she is a separate person. Feeling that he or she had received the life that was needed in a proper way. Perhaps you would like an orgy that you would like to do for a different subject now. Show me things to show you. You will stand up against the interference of the child. You too will feel the pain of the new world at this time.
But this is the nature of the world. Children have a part in our lives; they have their own lives. While providing needed protection and psychological support, you should sincerely acknowledge your child’s free will. Or they will start to hate you and turn it into a big problem.

* Sexual Requirements

Your little embarrassing girl who can not see the girls at school, now begin to talk to the girls. At the same age, their natural desire is too familiar to them. These natural feelings are a shame because some children are taunts from a while in our country. They are separated from their families by their actions. You should teach them such things as natural, incorrect, and the responsibilities of life. At the same time, they can bring books to the formal counselors of the physical and mental changes of this age. Being responsible parents as their guide is very important to their success.