What is Stroke! & How to Prevent It


What is Stroke

We have heard that death is better than the four abilities. We call the stroke the lifespan of the body.

The topic of the World Tearing Day on October 29 is the Stroke is treatable, the blood flow to the brain, blood clotting or high blood pressure, resulting in a blood clotting of the bloodstream, This is the case.

A part of the body’s function is impaired by the interruption of the blood supply to a part of the brain. This is the state of the brain. That is, we call it a paradox called simply.

It is necessary to avoid transient ischaemic attack following the most serious stroke. Scintillary stroke is a condition that temporarily frustrates the sight, speech ability, and short vision of one eye. A temporary blocking of the blood clot in the brain can result in a temporary loss of blood supply to a part of the brain by eliminating the activity. This is a warning to trigger a stroke in the future. Avoiding the warning and not referring to the treatment to the unfortunate stroke should prevent the occurrence of a disability or death.

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Double vision, loss of vision, loss of body balance, and dizziness, swallowing difficulties, severe headaches, dyspnoea, tingling, The symptoms of stroke.

A number of patients recover from stroke and are cured with a condition. But not everyone can go back to normal or live independently. If the blood supply is permanently destroyed, the brain will be disabled. In very severely affected situations, respiratory illness is blocked and becomes deadly.

The stroke should be suddenly treated as a sudden disease. The hospital should not be delayed, and the patient is treated quickly and the patient is cured. Success. Reduce side effects.

When hospitalized at a stroke, CT Scan (CT) scan and blood tests confirm the disease’s status.

The key to treating the treatment is accurate identification of the stroke.

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Face – Tell the patient to smile. Wandering aside?
If so, then stroke.

Arm – Tell the patient to lift his arms. Can not arm or arm lift up? Are there any weaknesses in the body?
Then, stroke may be.

Speech – Let the patient say a simple sentence. Are the Emails Bespecting? Can not repeat that simple sentence again?
Then, stroke may be.

Time – Do any of the symptoms or symptoms appear in the patient above?
Then take it to the hospital immediately.

There are treatments for stroke conditions. The primary treatments are the provision of clot busting medication, a blood clot blocked by blood clots. Here the treatment is done. The treatment can be obtained at a higher dose of four and a half (4 1/2 hours) from the diagnosis.

An outburst of a blood vessel is also performed during surgical incision stroke. (eg Aneurysm Clipping, Coil Embolization)

High risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, increased blood clostrrea, obesity, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, depression, birth control, and non-hygienic foods.

The stroke is not just an age-old disease. Steps should be taken to prevent this.
If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, blood clostril excess, you should always use medicines according to medical advice. Smoking should be completely eliminated and alcohol should be controlled. Regular exercise reduces strokes by regularly exercising. Fruits and vegetables should be added to excessive amounts, and it is mandatory to have high starch, salt, oil, and fat-regulated meals. By maintaining a viable load, it is safe to stay healthy.

Once again, the tendency to erect the stroke is higher. Traditional factors also affect the stroke. There is a risk of hormonal imbalance in women. The use of conception, cord, menstruation, and contraceptive use is contraindicated.

Treatment and care are important for someone who has a stroke.

When there is difficulty in swallowing, a puffer is fed through a tube. Depilation of the urine is supported by a catheter in difficult cases. Constipation or frequent loosening as a problem. In these cases, care is taken. In particular, prevention of bed-weariness should be avoided. Should not be placed in the same posture on the bed. Changing from time to time.

Physiotherapy is very important in rebuilding the movements and restoring physical balance in the patient’s rehabilitation process. Speech therapists are attempting to restore the speech potential that has been disabled. Occupational therapy is being rehabilitated for the purpose of isolating the patient, the use of external devices for his own work. It should always provide counseling and social services.

Anyone who has a stroke can return to work according to the nature of the job and the nature of the disability. In the same way, depending on the period of recovery, the disability is decided to work.

As a whole, the patient should regularly follow the medical advice on proper treatment for temporary illnesses, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.