Phlegm diseases


In today’s society, malnourishment can be an adverse disease in young children. Although many children are taking medication, this is often a common ailment.As indicated in Ayurveda, the duration of the wrinkling of the third period with the three wings is the main function. Primarily, children’s phleb diseases, their respiratory tract, or respiratory tract. Starting from the nose is the way of the lungs along the nasal passage. There are some common skin diseases common to our skin.

Binge, shine, hat

Cough is a common type of malady that we have. There are many types of fever in the respiratory tract, but these can be identified as major childhood infections.

Causes of phlegm disease

The causes of malignant tumors, mainly due to ayurveda, are due to mild fever in the body. This includes smothering food and drinks.

Fat-producing diseases

Increased intake of cold foods can lead to increased childhood colds and colds. Examples include ice cream, frozen beverages, frozen dairy products. It is possible to identify many patients in the information that they increase the incidence of chicken and eggs.

Sweeter foods

According to Ayurveda, sweet, or Madura-rich foods cause the body’s obesity. Therefore, the vulnerability to males is greater.

Increased oil intake

This causes the mucous and obesity of the body to develop, causing a mild illness.

Allergic food

Many children develop allergic reactions from milk, eggs, meat, pineapple, shrimp, ice cream, and mumps. In this case, allergic symptoms are associated with acne, chronic disease.
Running fans at nighttime, which causes the delicate dust in the rooms to burst, gets pushed through our nose.
This will give you the opportunity to have a mild illness like the blisters. In this case, the rooms can be cured at night, except in jams, including jams and jams. Environmental factors have also contributed to childhood sickness. Polluting the environment, smoke emissions from vehicles and plants, and dust dusts in dusty environments. Children with allergic reactions to various fragments of various animal wool, some pollen in some plants, dust particles in the garments can easily cause goose, cough, chicken poisoning.
Symptoms of semen

Symptoms of a lot of children commonly seen in children are as follows.


This can be a troublesome experience for young children. Symptoms include nostril, mouth-breathing, squeezing of the nose, low fever, headache, and sneezing. There can also be coughs later.
The child’s behavior and treatment is repeated. This can be due to child’s immune deficiencies. Ayurvedic treatment also improves the immunity of Ayurvedic treatments.


Often, the occurrence of oxygen is attributable to the symptoms of absconding, toxins, smoking dust, alveither, cold food, etc. As the allergic reactions are the most frequent, the long-term treatment of ayurveda treatment restricts the illness to the disease.


There are small child-prone diseases, which cause itching of the throat, sore throat, and coughing. Often, the infection occurs after an infection. Cough forms form both forms of coughing, coughing, or coughing.


It is known as Ayurveda, which is called respiration. Breathing Accelerated breathing, respiratory impairment, bone in the chest during breathing, are early features. Often, this can occur when the ignition and the ticket are ignored. Allergic symptoms of smoke, dust, and other substances are also known.

Treatment with semen

If the feminine diseases do not receive a systemic treatment, dengue and asthma may develop. First, to prevent the onset of the disease, mummy foods and beverages. Traveling with mumps or infections, eg, mastectomy, etc. should be avoided. The following treatments can be used to help prevent illness until a doctor meets and treats.

Drink hot water frequently, warm eating, hot steaming, drink hand-held medicines, for example boiled watermelon, boiled water,

Coriander and dried ginger, boiled water, medicinal steam,
For example, smoked leaf lettuce, leaf leaves, leafy leaves, lime leaves, smoked boiled boiled meat or one mite, and the above treatment is all very well for the diseases of the skin.

In coughing and in confidenous situations

They can be made of raw ginger puree, sour, orange puree, honey. The leafless green leaf is tied to the green leaf, the tusks and the stumps are good. Green tea is also applied to the batter cocaleslema, on the neck and on the cheek paddle area. All the above types of medicines in the goose and oxygen conditions are good. It is possible to reduce the symptoms by cooking boiled seeds and peppered with salt, rhubarb, hemp, rice,

In addition, a medicine such as red onion oil, NHDL, annoyed oil