How to Treat Heart Disease


How to Treat Heart Disease What Is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

How can our heart get ill?

1. Due to overwork
2. Negligence
3. Tension

Do you know the number of times the heart is raining a day, and it spins more than 100,000 times. So the heart never stops. When you sleep, the heart does not stop. And more than 8,000 liters of blood per day travel through this heart. So, then, should we be interested in looking more closely at our heart?

If so, we can keep our hearts cramped or coughing. Do you know when and how our heart becomes sick? Sadly, our heart is often sick in many cases.

We are interested in examining our heart condition only if we have a chest pain.

Do you know the current deadly heart disease?

We call it coronary arteries as the coronary heart disease.
You know that blood is needed for the heart. We call the bloodstream the bloodstream of coronary arteries. So, these are the arteries (oxygen) for the activity of these heart muscles. If arteries get hindered, it is the death of the cardiovascular system. This is also called a heart attack (myocardial infarction).

So How do we avoid heart attacks?

* Heartburn is the major cause of smoking. Smoking is also an addiction.

* The body is overweight, it’s done to avoid fatty foods. You can maintain your body balance by eating fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Eating fat, such as meat and eggs daily, increases obesity.

Surveys have shown that seven of the men and women in the world do not care about their heart. It takes exercise to make the heart work well. The heart becomes sick when it’s not quite working. The exercises can be carried out daily by an hour or half an hour. Walking exercise is not a daily exercise, it should be done once a week.

* It’s not because of your shortness of diet that causes the heart to become sick. The quality of the foods you eat depends on the quality of your food. Medieval, salt-rich foods are regarded as enemies of the heart. Roods or beef, salt-based peppers, crisps, canned foods, cakes and sweets can also be a major cause of heart disease.

* Cholesterol levels also affect the heart disease severely. Treatment of stavin may help control the cholesterol level.

* Drinking alcohol is another reason for heart disease.

* Fatigue is one of the enemies of the heart. Often, blood pressure develops due to depression. When you feel distressed, reading a book, listening to a dancing song, or watching a movie will make you much more comfortable. In addition, walking is one way of getting rid of uncomfort. When there is anxiety, blood pressure is increased. Because blood flow is very strict. There are few reasons for unnecessary anger, even for the small thing, even for the semblance of chaos and sensitivity.

Next, let’s see what we need to do to cure a heart condition

Here, your medication is not enough. For this purpose, it is necessary to go to the rehabilitation of the heart. It can also reduce the risk of a heart attack by thirty percent.

What is it for?

You should continue to exercise in the hospital as well. But most of the time, if you’re busy and do not take exercise because you’re getting tired, it does not get the maximum results.

Pregnant for a heart attack It’s important to be that if anyone has a rest break for a few days, To reduce the heart attack. Even the unhealthy muscle part of the heart is restless. Then the amount of blood that the heart draws from the heart is lower than what was previously released.

But when he reaches bed after bedtime, he is still inadequate for his current heart rate. This is because the rest of the muscles in the rest of the heart continue to be so rested. This is why when the patient continues to do some work, he feels tired. Unfortunately, the patient is stopped and the walk stops because of fear.

And there is another problem that arises due to the presence of several days in one place. That is, a resting pacifier of the patient’s muscles, like the heart muscles, creates a kind of rest. When working, more oxygen should be given to the feces, which is more passive than the amount previously given to your fingers. This should be given to the weakened heart. This makes the weaker heart more likely to work. In this case, they consciously provide more blood for more than a month. This makes them feel tired. When the heart becomes more frequent than usual, the patient feels too tired. At the same time, the heart can be re-born to a heart attack or sometimes even die.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a process that prevents heart disease. Then, during a cure, at rest, then after the day-to-day work is started, and then afterwards, it is necessary to provide a gym in accordance with the situation.

Cardiac rehabilitation involves counseling the patient to exercise as much as possible at each time when the patient heals. The exercise speed can be systematically increased according to the patient’s progress. Here e. C. G. And an aerobesic test, and can determine the initial exercise intensity according to the results. The patient’s fitness will be checked again after exercising for several weeks after a certain period of intense intensity. Advice is also given to increase the exercise intensity, if fitness has increased. The systematic exercise of exercise and daily exercise increases the patient’s daily life without any tiredness.

This exercise should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapist at first. The patient can then exercise alone. Such exercises can have two benefits for the patient. It’s the benefit of staying close to someone who has the fear of losing exercise and understanding. The same can be done for a long time. The resulting satisfaction contributes to the patient’s mental stimulation. Once the exercise has been performed, the patient will be able to continue exercising according to the progress of the patient’s fitness again.

Some people have a heart rate of less than 220 years old. When exercising, the heart rate is 70 percent. For example, a figure of 40 per cent is 180 per cent. About 70 percent of this figure is 126. Therefore, when exercising, the person’s heart rate is 126 times a minute. It’s not necessary to exercise at a faster rate than that. It’s also not worthwhile to use exercise less than this value. To strengthen the heart and arteries, the heart must be pulsed at a minimum speed. Until the patient can exercise as a normal person, the heart rate will increase slightly during exercise. Sometimes this may take about 3 to 6 months.

Patients who exercise this exercise can do a normal job like daily routine. This is because exercise improves the aerobic fitness. Anglia fitness is the speed and intensity of the work that we do not have the hard work at our normal work (walking, running, homework). In addition to exercise, cardiac rehabilitation also gives a lot more to the patient. This is aimed at preventing cardiac arrests. Cholesterol also provides advice on how to change your lifestyle, quitting, stressing and guiding your mental condition. In recent years, heartburn, called metabolic syndrome, has been diagnosed with diabetes, paralyzing the disease, and examining the condition of the patient if needed, as well as providing advice and treatment. Mental and physical counseling is accepted as a new concept. It is now acknowledged that many heart diseases such as heart disease affect diabetes.